All your email and social media in one place


  • Practical and user friendly
  • Supports multiple accoutns
  • Easy to set up


  • Can get over busy
  • A little slow with email

Very good

Threadsy is an integrated social media and email hub, a single page where you can see all the communication relevant to you.

Many of us today have too may email and social media accounts, meaning our browser is full of tabs before we've even started looking at the web! Threadsy attempts to solve this by integrating them. The services supported are Gmail, Yahoo! Mail (US only), Hotmail (US only), AOL, Mobileme, IMAP, Facebook and Twitter.

Threadsy is very easy to set up, and you'll have multiple emails and social networks feeding into it immediately. The page is sensibly split into 'inbound' and 'streams'. Facebook updates and tweets appear in the latter, while email, Facebook messages and Twitter mentions get parked in the former.

The Threadsy system works very well, as long as you don't have too much stuff. A fast-moving stream will mean you miss more than usual, and four or five sources of messages 'inbound' can get overwhelming. Also, you will see emails faster, for example, on the Gmail site than on Threadsy.

As long as you don't overload it, Threadsy is a good looking and functional way of bringing your communication together.


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